Thursday, August 25, 2011

Upcoming Events

A quick note on some upcoming events for Season to Taste:

First, I’ll be at the Boston Public Library next week! On Wednesday, August 31st at 6pm, as part of their Author Talk Series. Boston friends: I’d love to see you there.

And then in September… I’m crossing the pond. I’ll be in London the second week of the month to promote the UK version of Season to Taste, which is published by the excellent folks at Portobello Books. Among other things, I’ll be doing a reading at Clerkenwell Tales on Tuesday, September 13th at 6:30pm. I could not be more excited for the trip. I’ve never really been to London before (no, I won’t count the field trip I took with my high school marching band…). If you have any recommendations for things to do, see, or eat, pass ‘em along!

(For more, check out the events section of my website. In the next couple months I’ll be doing readings in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Danvers, Detroit, and New York City!)


Zita said...

Hi Molly,

I just purchased your book about a month ago! I haven't read it yet! :) I was in London 3 weeks ago at Food Blogger Connect conference and I wish I could go back to listen to your reading in September.

I visited a few cool foodie places so here are my suggestions:

1. Ottolenghi restaurant -
2. Koya - Japanese home style udon - --> VERY GOOD! MUST VISIT PLACE!
3. Monmouth Café - apparently the best coffee in London, they have more cafés around London, I visited the one in Monmouth street and the one at Borough Market - --> MUST VISIT PLACE!
4. Portobello Road street market - the world's largest antique market
5. Borough Market - --> MUST VISIT PLACE!
6. Hummingbird Bakery - on Portobello Road -
7. Spice Shop - next to Portobello Road, smells amazing -
8. Neal's Yard + Neal's Yard Dairy - amazing cheese shop in Covent Garden, just follow the smell -
9. Kaffeine - café place -

Hope I could help!

Enjoy your time in London!

from Budapest

Molly said...

Thanks, Zita. Great advice!

Martha said...

Let me know if you make it to Italy

exe said...

Hello Molly, I read your story today on a newspaper. I'm glad you managed to recover, but I'll never be able to read your book... I read the article and I already felt bad enough... It quoted some excerpts from the book, and I recognised myself in them, the loss of enthusiasm, of appetite, of... of happiness. I lost the senses of smell and taste three years ago, but not for an accident, they simply stopped working: now they come and go (most of the time they go) and until now nobody has been able to tell me why. I'm losing hope, actually. I'm so glad to know that someone has experienced the feeling of smelling and tasting AGAIN, I know well what it meant for you. When it happens to me even for a few seconds i want to cry and thank god XD and nobody around me can really understand how i feel. So, i wish you a fully recover and have a wonderful and fragrant life, you lucky woman! :)