Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yesterday, after work, I went for a run around Jamaica Pond. Along the way, many smells jumped out at me: the damp woody tones of bark mulch, the soft perfume of new flowers unfurling from the earth. There was a whiff of deodorant. Cigarette smoke and sweat. A musty breath of pond water. Wet dog. Car exhaust. At one point, I smelled the sulfur-sweet scent of a fire, which reminded me suddenly of California, that dry, arid state where I lived amid a blazing spate of them back in 2008. But here in Boston? Perhaps it was simply a barbecue, lit to celebrate spring.


Murissa said...

Short and sweet but a lovely post! Great writing!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Miss T said...

it's the little things we take for granted that usually bring so much joy when realised. Gorgeous post, makes me want to go for a run!
Miss T

nicole said...

West Marin is very green these days ... :) But will be dry soon enough. It misses you! I think a book reading @Toby's is in order!

Molly said...

Oh what an extraordinary feeling a somewhat ordinary run around the pond must have been for you. To run AND smell. My goodness, I can't even begin to imagine the joy and elation you felt.

Molly said...

Murissa, I began a new job in these last weeks, and have found short and sweet to be all I've had space for in my brain. Glad you liked it. But hope that will change soon!

Miss T, So true. Hope your run was as scented as mine.

Nicole, Yes! A book reading at Toby's. Wouldn't that be a hoot. I miss West Marin, green or dry or anywhere in between, too. xo

Molly, Running and smelling: two of my most favorite things :)